Monday, 24 October 2011

Heads up

Assalamualaikum and hello there dear visitors!

This is just a warm up post before we upload our stocks. As you can see on the top and the right side of this blog, we are from Awadah Apparel. You can say that this is, waiiiit for online boutique!  [yay!]. We are not new in this line of business and it is only recently we decided to follow the league and widen our horizon of selling our products ONLINE.

Among the products that you will be expecting here are:

-Imported long-length pashminas
-decent-looking blouses
-high graded replica handbags
-and hopefully many more to come inshaAllah.

You are most welcome to either; make your bookings online OR make a drive to our shop located at Plaza Kota, Level 2-17, Kota Tinggi, Johor [whatever makes you happy makes us happy too =) ]

Wait for our official launching and don't forget to spread out the words to your family and friends!! =)

Peace and Salam~

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